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Low-Level Conductivity Standards

0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10.0 µS/cm For accurate pure water conductivity analysis. Important levels fully bracketed.

Low-Level Conductivity Standards Aurical Company, Home of the gold Standard, manufactures and provides the Aurical Low Level Conductivity Standards. These standards are essential for accurate conductivity measurement in purified water. High accuracy is required for pure water and water for injection in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Methods for preparation of aqueous conductivity standards at these levels are well established. However, traditional bottle packaging is not adequate for protection and use. This is because carbon dioxide in the air dissolves in the standard and changes the value. Bottle packaged standard is reliable for only one use. The remainder must be discarded. The Aurical proprietary package overcomes this defect. The flexible impervious package has a spout valve, which prevents room air from entering the container. This means that the contents remain stable until the container is empty allowing the full 500-mL for multiple calibrations and test.

Aurical Company makes these standards available at nominal values shown below. The actual value and tolerance is provided on the label for each lot. Each container of each lot is individually tested. The actual value and tolerance is the mean and two standard deviations of the lot testing. These values are traceable to NIST SRMs or the NIST Absolute Conductivity Method. Common single-shot standards cannot be evaluated in this manner, nor can they avoid instant air CO2 contamination when used. Where Aurical standards are definitive, single shot standards are only rough estimates at best. Aurical Standards permit multiple samples from the same package, helpful for validation.
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Low Level Conductivity Standard 0.5µs/cm 500 mL pouches 3-000.5-2 1 POUCH $205.00
Low Level Conductivity Standard 1.0µs/cm 500 mL pouches 3-0001-2 1 POUCH $175.00
Low Level Conductivity Standard 2.0µs/cm 500 mL pouches 3-0002-2 1 POUCH $175.00
Low Level Conductivity Standard 5.0µs/cm 500 mL pouches 3-0005-2 1 POUCH $175.00
Low Level Conductivity Standard 10.0µs/cm 500 mL pouches 3-0010-2 1 POUCH $175.00
Low Level Conductivity Standard 15.0µs/cm 500 mL pouches 3-0015-2 1 POUCH $175.00