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ORP - Oxidation/Reduction Standards

Oxidation/Reduction Potential, Iron Salt Formulations

Aurical Company provides the Calitech ORP-Oxidation/Reduction Standards. These aqueous standards are prepared from ferric/ferrous salts to permit stable and ready-to-use calibration solutions. Messy hydroquinone/buffer mixtures are eliminated. Values of 100, 240, 300, 465 and 600 mill volts are available from stock packaged in our atmosphere impervious stand-up pouches. Each package carries a specific lot number with traceability records and expiration date. The new spout design permits ready instrument use. Each standard may be used until container is empty because the proprietary stand-up pouch, equipped with a one-way valve, protects against atmospheric contamination and assures accuracy with each use. The Calitech standard solutions are ideal for instrument and test method calibration and validation. When the standard is dispensed, the pouch collapses around the contents preventing air contamination.
Item Part Number Size Price Quantity Add to Cart
ORP Standard 600mVolts 500mL pouch ORP-0600-P 1 POUCH $125.00
ORP Standard 100mVolts 500mL pouch ORP-0100-P 1 POUCH $125.00
ORP Standard 240mVolts 500mL pouch ORP-0240-P 1 POUCH $125.00
ORP Standard 300mVolts 500mL pouch ORP-0300-P 1 POUCH $125.00
ORP Standard 465mVolts 500mL pouch ORP-0465-P 1 POUCH $125.00