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Pourite Anti-Bubble Additive for Agar and Gel Media

Traditional pH 4, 7 & 10, color coded.

Pourite Anti-Bubble Additive Pourite is an anti-bubble additive which prevents bubble formation in agar, or other gel media such as electrophoresis gels.

Pourite, specially compounded from silicone and other resin emulsions, was developed for its anti-foam properties, biocompatibility and inertness. Only 2-5 drops of Pourite are required per liter of media to prevent bubble formation while pouring plates and tubes or casing gel slabs. Greater speed is possible with automatic machines when using Pourite. When Pourite is used, plates are not reopened for “flaming” drastically reducing contamination from foreign organisms. This allows technicians to focus on maintaining an aseptic environment.

Pourite is easy to use. Pourite is added to the water prior to adding the dry media. The dry media is then added after Pourite has been well mixed with the water. Never add to hot solutions. Media preparation is completed as usual followed by autoclaving and the addition of any other nutrients. Pourite is inert and may be used with all media. No refrigeration is necessary, and stability is over 2 years.

This photograph illustrates a plate where Pourite was used along side an extreme case of bubble entrapment which is not intended to represent typical experience in anyone’s lab. However, Pourite has been doing a good for over twenty five years in labs around the world. Pourite Anti-Bubble Additive Plate
Item Part Number Size Price Quantity Add to Cart
Pourite tm Anti-Bubble Additive 15mL 8-500 0.015 LTR $65.00
Pourite tm Anti-Bubble Additive 60mL 8-505 0.060 LTR $105.00
Pourite tm Anti-Bubble Additive 475mL 8-510 0.475 LTR $659.00