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Total Organic Carbon Standards

Calibrate, Validate and Confirm Measurements in Pure Water & WFI.

Total Organic Carbon Standards
  • High accuracy with On-Point Level Where needed.
  • Easy and Ready to Use
  • No Reconstitution or Dilution
  • Optimum Calibration & Control
  • Suitability Standard Also Available
  • Lot Specific Water Blank Provided
  • Pouches allow 12-15 samples each with no CO2 or other contamination.
  • Low Level Conductivity Standards Sold Separately
Aurical Company introduces the new CalitechTM line of Total Organic Carbon Calibrators and Controls. Formulated from sucrose, and 1,4 benzoquinone. Ultrapure water from the lot used to prepare the standard is provided for zero and blanking. This allows zero for calibration curves, and for blanking to compensate for the effect of the water in the standard.

Calitech standards are packed in a proprietary stand-up pouch which permits multiple samples, and protects against atmospheric contamination and assures accuracy with each use. This package, constructed of an aluminum foil/plastic laminated structure is effectively a flexible can that prevents solution contact with carbon dioxide and other gases or vapors. When the standard is dispensed, the pouch collapses eliminating the air space problems with ridgid glass or plastic bottles.

The standards below are maintained in stock, and represent those most often used for Pure Water and WFI compliance under USP specifications.. Other levels and materials are available on request.

Certificates, Gravimetrically Traceable to NIST, are included with each order.
Item Part Number Size Price Quantity Add to Cart
TOC Standard, 500ppb from 1,4-Benzoquinone - 7-BW500-2 0.5 LTR $135.00
TOC Standard, 1000ppb from Sucrose - 7-SW001K-2 0.5 LTR $100.00
TOC Standard, 100ppb from Sucrose - 7-SW100-2 0.5 LTR $100.00
TOC Standard, 250ppb from Sucrose - 7-SW250-2 0.5 LTR $100.00
TOC Standard, 500ppb from Sucrose - 7-SW500-2 0.5 LTR $100.00
TOC Standard, 750ppb from Sucrose - 7-SW750-2 0.5 LTR $100.00
TOC Standard, 000ppb from Ultrapure Water - 7-WW000-2 0.5 LTR $75.00