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Calibrating Standards for Pharmaceutical Quality Control, Manufacturing, and Environmental Test.

Aurical Company was founded to provide accurate and traceable calibrating standards for pharmaceutical quality control, manufacturing, and environmental test. These standards are manufactured directly traceable to NIST Standard Reference Materials, or gravimetrically traceable to NIST standard mass.

Traditional Calibration Standards

  Conductivity Calibrating Standards Traditional
  Conductivity Calibrating Standards In Single Use Pouches
  Salinity Standards
  442 Formulations
  ORP - Oxidation/Reduction Standards
  pH Buffer Standards
  pH Calibrating Buffers In Single Use Pouches
  Turbidity Calibrating Standards
  Combination Standards for Multi-Parameter Sondes Providing: pH, Conductivity and Turbidity levels.

Special Calibration Standards

Total Organic Carbon Standards
  Low-Level Conductivity Standards
  High Accuracy Conductivity Standards
  High Tempature pH Buffer Standards
  High Accuracy pH Buffer Standards

Aids For Dissolved Oxygen Measurements

  Calitech Zero Oxygen Standard In Single-Use Pouches
  Calitech Tonometer
  Calitech Oxygen Probe Conditioner

Aids For pH Measurement

  Electrode Storage Solution
  Electrode Storage Cleaner

Support Products

  Pourite Anti-Bubble Additive for Agar and Gel media

Aurical Support Documents

  Certificate of Analysis